Meet The Group

      Since the age of 9, when he first started strumming his 6 string...Bud Sykora has been a part of the music scene! He has held the role of lead guitarist for numerous groups throughout the Cleveland area. Back in the day while serving in the military in Southeast Asia, Bud and his band performed. They brought smiles and a little bit of "home" to our men and woman proudly serving. Today, he brings his musical talents to "MSM" as a second tenor; singing lead vocals as well as backup. In his free time he enjoys trap shooting, golf, playing guitar and being bossed around by his dog "Rocky".
   Baritone and resident wack-o, Kyp Schubert has been hammin' it up for audiances since he learned to play ukulele and sing, at age four. Formal musical training, starting at age nine, resulted in various musical groups throughout junior and senior high culminating in a stint as a bandsman in the United States Air Force. Though primarily a lower brass player (trombone, baritone horn, and tuba), he also played guitar with the USAF rock band, Tyme, and picked up the fundamentals of bass guitar. An avid barbershop quartet singer since the age of twelve (Thanks[?] Dad), his love of vocal harmonies has led him to Malt Shop Memories and his favorite kind of noise ... Doo Wop! Please feel free to sit back and enjoy.   

Coming from a large family of musicians, actors, dancers and music educators, Diana Coso has been singing, playing piano, performing and composing her entire life. A graduate of College of Wooster, she is thrilled to be part of MSM, which adds a fun new dimension to her broad range of musical repertoire. She and sister Elissa formed the singing duo DeLissána, which performs live as well as on radio coast-to-coast. DeLissána is releasing their first full-length album in early 2014 on which they sing not only original songs, but familiar songs in new arrangements (by Pablo “Chino” Nunez of JanMar Productions), some of which are sung in Italian and Spanish. Diana and Elissa are the proud music directors and performers in the USO Tour, which entertains our troops (active and inactive) and first responders. Diana is delighted to join Bud, Jerry Dee, Kyp and Jerry in Malt Shoppe Memories.
Thanks, fellas!

   Jerry Dee, 1st & 2nd tenor, background and lead vocalist four decades plus. That's the answer he gives when you ask, "how long have you been in music?" There have been many groups, bands, gigs and a never ending variety of musical acquaintances. But it seems as though he always returns to his youth when it comes to choosing what he enjoys playing and singing the most, Rock & Roll and Doo Wop of the 50's and 60's. He loves sharing his knowledge and expertise with individuals who want to bring back that era and share it with people today. He states, "it's a remembrance of simpler and happier times that should never be forgotten". That's why every performance that "MSM" does should put a memorable smile on the faces of all who care to Rock & Roll and remember those good old days. Hope to see your smile soon ... and ... Doo Wop Till You Drop!      
     Jerry Murray started on stage at 11 yrs old, lip-syncing songs and progressing to singing in choirs and Broadway shows. At 17 he started playing the drums. He was drafted into the US army in 1965 and ended up in Monterey, California where he stayed for 22 years, playing drums with various rock and pop bands. He returned to Lorain in 1990 and has been a pro DJ and pro photographer for the last 22 years before joining “MSM” in 2011 as their bass singer, a type of group he has wanted to join since high school. He also sings in the bass section with the Amherst Community Choir. When he is not singing or shooting photos, you can find him on the golf course.